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Audiobook read by the author, Carly Simon
Includes original music, plus a bonus song
Boys in the Trees - A Memoir
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Carly Simon's life and career is one of the last, great, untold stories of popular music. Her lyrics—sung in that instantly recognizable husky, powerful voice—are deeply personal, and yet her songs resonate with millions, providing the soundtrack for generations. With her her long-awaited memoir, Boys in the Trees, Simon reveals the thoughts and experiences that made her a cultural icon. Intimate, candid, and told with a poet's ear for language, Simon's memoir explores the universal themes and currents running through her life—unrequited love, family strife, longing, joy, betrayal, heartache, resilience—that speak to us all. In this probing examination of the first three decades of her life, Simon wrestles with and captures the endless ambiguity of emotions and relationships, never sanding down the interesting edges. Honest, profound, and poetic, Boys in the Trees is a brilliant and revealing account of the early life expectations that inspired her now-classic songs. It is a beautiful and moving examination of the spark of creative inspiration and an unforgettable self-portrait by one of our greatest musical talents.

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